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With the science-based trainings of Valk Leadership

Poor performance?

There are numerous causes for poor employees performance, e.g. high absenteeism due to illness, conflicts, rapid growth of the company or unmotivated staff.
You can approach this reduced performance from the systems and structures or from the people. Valk Leadership always starts from people. By using knowledge of the brain, it is possible to improve performance and develop more effective habits.

Science based

The programmes of Valk Leadership are based on neuroscientific knowledge. Much is known in neuroscience about how to change behaviour and habits. The brain can be trained. This trainability of the brain, also known as neuroplasticity, works the same for everyone, just like the heart works the same for everyone. This means that you too can develop the desired behaviour.

Lasting behavioural change

Many trainings and coaching focus on a short-term solution and have the character of a quick fix, a trick, patchwork. The training and coaching of Valk Leadership focuses on sustainable behavioural change so that all employees perform optimally on a daily basis. We can guarantee this because our training and coaching make optimal use of neuroplasticity.

Our Programmes

The programmes of Valk Leadership are based on the Brain&Mind approach. This is a practical, effective and neuroscience-based way of dealing with everyday work problems and other difficulties by making lasting changes to behaviour. Through the Brain&Mind approach®, we can help change most obstructive and performance reducing work habits into power-enhancing habits.

People behind the company

Valk Leadership was founded by Guido de Valk. As a medical practitioner, Guido found the influence of behaviour on well-being and effectiveness fascinating. His Brain&Mind approach has been successfully applied for decades in even the most rigid cases. He has written several books on the subject and is the founder of Valk Leadership. Guido and the value-driven team of Valk Leadership are always working to bring the hidden potential of so many people to fruition.


We believe that organisations must change from being profit-driven to values-driven, because a values-driven company has more motivated staff, less conflict and teams that want to work together. This automatically increases profits. To show that it is possible, we ourselves are a value-driven company and our most important value is meaning-making. We want to be truly meaningful in the relationship with our customers by bringing about real, valuable change.

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