Training | Be Your Authentic Self

" Be YourSelf everybody is already taken " Oscar Wilde

Being authentic means being true to oneself from the heart. Your authentic self is your true self, your innermost self. However, many people have become adept at adjusting themselves to fit in with others. As a result, their true selves are often suppressed or overshadowed by their adapted selves. This specialized program is designed to help you embrace your true self and make it a permanent part of how you act, live, and work.

The vision of this training

We are mainly guided by our left hemisphere. This part of our brain analyzes and compartmentalizes. This half causes you to cling to your acquired-self or not live from your authentic-self.

The training based on the Brain&Mind approach ensures that you learn to use your brain differently. You notice that you start to act steadily from your right hemisphere, so that your authentic being comes more and more to the foreground of your life.
The Brain&Mind approach is one based on neuroscience and quantum physics. Therefore, it works and we are sure you will achieve your objective.

How does this training work?

Your authentic self has been present since birth. However, your upbringing, environment, constitution, habits, and behavior prevent you from living your authentic self. You have acquired habits that prevent you from working from your authentic-self because you wrongly use your brain.

Your journey begins with understanding how your brain works and how you can use your brain differently.
This different way of using your brain means- raising awareness- recognizing limiting and fear-related beliefs- resolving negative emotions- actively using positive emotions- realizing your desire or passion- changing habits- recognizing your authentic self more and more.

Online live training

This training is online live training, with four sessions in a group and two individual coaching sessions with Guido de Valk, developer of the Brain&Mind approach. Because the groups are not so large and you will have two individual sessions with Guido, we can guarantee you will soon experience your authentic self. Guido, as a guide and teacher of Authenticity, will open up your consciousness in a very powerful way. With tools of the Brain&Mind approach, you sure take steps toward your authentic self.

What will you learn?

  • How to make contact with your authentic self
  • scientific knowledge of the brain
  • define and appreciate your authentic self
  • change habits with Neuroplasticity
  • using emotions as messengers
  • acting from your passion and enthusiasm
  • increase awareness
  • making the switch from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere
  • identifying your authentic personal values.

What will you achieve?

You achieve a big step toward a more authentic life. When your acquired-self is aligned with your authentic-self, you personally flourish. You feel good, you look good, you have energy, you are balanced, you have clarity, and abundance in the things that are important to you, you have sanity. You thrive in all areas that are important to you. You thrive in all circumstances.

Meet your trainer and teacher Authenticity: Guido de Valk

Ever since childhood, Guido de Valk has been passionate about profound personal development, in search of his own Authenticity and an approach that substantially helps others.

Hence, as an MD, he immersed himself in applying (neuro)scientific insights, quantum physics and Eastern spirituality.

From these three disciplines, he then developed the Brain&Mind approach that brings one's mindset back to it's authenticity. He wrote several books on the subject and is the founder of Valk Leadership.

His life's motto is "What matters is only your consciousness".

Want to read more about Guido? Click here.


Structure of training

The training consists of four online group meetings and two online individual coaching sessions.

on Thursday from 7.30 pm till 10.00 pm CET. In addition, you will use the online learning Platform. The individual online coaching sessions with Guido will be scheduled separately.
The training is very practical and really ensures that you take concrete steps towards your authentic self and live it.


Every month starts, new training on Thursday 7.30 PM evening Central European Time (CET).

  • Eng-1 dates: Thursday 1, 8, 15, and 22nd of June 2023,  
  • Eng-2 dates: Thursday 6, 13,20, and 27th of Juli 2023
  • Eng-3 dates: Thursday 3, 10, 17 and 25th of August 2023

For who?

For anyone who wants to be more authentic in life


The investment for this unique authenticity training is €1966

Number of participants per group

Maximum 12