There is a need for more conscious leadership

The world is getting more and more complex. The most common management culture is one of managing, controlling, being the boss. Systems and models supposedly control the issues that arise, sometimes by being busy creating new cultures. This present management culture does not work in the increasingly complex world, and it is nonsense to think you can control the increasingly complex world.

The VUCA world

The increasingly complex world is also called the VUCA world. VUCA stands for a world that is fast-paced, uncertain, complex, and vague. In a VUCA world, information is abundant, the future is unpredictable, and people are more interconnected than ever. An unpredictable future that moves at lightning speed is minimally manageable, yet you want to give it direction. This future requires extra capacities and skills for leaders and managers.


Suppose you compare a VUCA world to a storm. And leaders are the captain who must sail the ship well through the storm. This leader will constantly watch how the boat is sailing, how people are doing, whether people are still in their power, and whether they are still on the right course. These leaders will not be busy playing the boss or trying to control the storm. Yet, I often experience that managers think they can control ‘the storm’.

Govern the VUCA world

I am convinced that governing the VUCA world starts with personal leadership combined with higher consciousness. Leaders must become masters of controlling the brain with all its thoughts and emotions. Whereby the conscious part of the brain is given much more space.

This means:

  • that leaders become aware of what they are not aware of;
  • that leaders can use continuous self-reflection as an instrument;
  • that leaders act less on experience and start acting more on what you consciously experience;
  • that experience in the here and now becomes more important than a lot of knowledge;
  • that leaders manage from strength rather than power;
  • that leaders make conscious choices.

More conscious leadership is needed.

The unconscious part of the brain reacts to the speed, vagueness, complexity, and uncertainty of the world. This part is busy trying to curb the speed, control the complexity, etc. The VUCA world determines the response of this part of the brain. However, with the conscious part of the brain, the leader is in control of how he responds. By learning to manage your brain, the conscious part gets more space. I believe that becoming an expert in managing your brain is the core of personal leadership and the answer to the increasingly complex world.

Everyone is their leader

This form of personal leadership applies to leaders and many more workers, such as professionals. What a VUCA world needs are companies where everyone possesses personal leadership combined with greater awareness. Let’s stop controlling and managing people but get busy with personal leadership combined with more awareness for everyone.

In conclusion

To deal with our big problems in these times, leadership needs to change. Leadership that works has, a foundation with a clear and simple control structure. The people who work there are very good at personal leadership in combination with higher consciousness. Will you join us?

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