Collaboration goes easier with the right mindset

Working together is not easy because at least two things come together that do not naturally belong together. You have your own needs, your insecurities, and expectations. And you have the needs, insecurities, and expectations of others: sometimes another person, sometimes a group of people. These differences can make working together difficult. Therefore for good collaboration, self-leadership is a requirement.

Managing yourself is in itself a challenge

For everyone, self-leadership is complicated. Managing yourself is quite a challenge; too easily, we are led by our emotions and patterns. We, therefore, find it complicated to take good care of ourselves, to hold the right course, not to be distracted by our insecurities or our fear of failure. Being led by your own emotions and patterns also highlights how complicated self-leadership can be in a collaborative environment.

Brain working together

When you are managing yourself, you are actually managing your brain. You make sure that your brain does what you want it to do. Frequently, people want them to be less reactive, successful, and less guided by emotions like insecurities or fears. Or they want to change habits that are not so effective. Therefore, managing yourself is mainly managing your brain, which is already very complicated without someone around you.
The other person affects your thoughts and emotions. And vice versa is also the case. Your behavior also affects the other person. In cooperation, you have to deal with extra powers from the other person. Collaboration becomes more challenging the more people you work with. And the likelihood of things going less well becomes greater and greater.

Collaboration goes easier with the right mindset

Collaboration can also be fluid

When our brain primarily guides us, our emotions, and habits, collaborating can be complicated. But there is a simple solution to working together better. This simple solution is available to everyone, and everyone can make it their own. Work together from the right mindset. That’s not your ego mindset, but the mindset of the internal leader.


A mindset is your preferred way of thinking, feeling, and acting. Simply put, there are two mindsets. A mostly reactive mindset; the follower mindset or ego mindset, and a mindset that acts consciously: the mindset of the internal leader. The internal leader’s mindset is an autonomous mindset that operates from connection and wisdom. This mindset is also the mindset you especially need in collaboration.
Everyone has both mindsets. And everyone can learn to act, especially from the mindset of the internal leader.

Learn the switch

For collaboration, it is important to turn on the mindset of the internal leader. Therefore, for effective collaboration, it is important to learn to switch to the right mindset, the mindset of the internal leader. Switching is similar to learning how to find your internal leader’s light switch. Learn to recognize your light switch so you can learn to push it.

In conclusion

Collaboration can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be at all. The solution lies in using the right mindset.

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