Retention of staff

Currently, staff retention is a very important focus among companies. There is a shortage of personnel in many sectors, so it is easy for an employee to quit and start with another employer. The usual measures, such as a good salary, sufficient development opportunities, and flexible working hours, are no longer sufficient. Too many people who leave the workforce are looking for another job because they simply no longer like their current workplace. Due to insufficient well-being, insufficient pleasure in work, unsafe working culture, and too much work pressure, a growing number of people choose to seek salvation elsewhere.

For companies, it is important to ensure that the people you have, stay with you. The present workplace needs to be an inspiring and safe culture to retain people.

Retention of staff with the Brain&Mind approach

Working from knowledge of how the brain works can be a great help to companies in retaining staff. This knowledge is very practical, scientifically based, and ensures the rapid change in the workplace. The brain has several very insightful needs, which fully correspond to the needs of humans. If you pay attention to these needs, the workplace becomes inspiring and safe again.


Safety is one of the most important needs that people have. In addition to physical safety, it is also very important to think about social safety. Do people feel safe in the workplace? High work pressure without sufficient autonomy can quickly lead to an unsafe feeling. An unsafe work atmosphere has a direct effect on how the brain works. The reptilian brain gets a lot more to say. The reptilian brain scans the environment for unsafe behavior. If the environment is unsafe, the reptilian brain will stay on in certain ways! This results in less effectiveness and pleasure.

Inspiring work culture

In addition to safety, the work culture must be inspiring. In addition to a sense of belonging, nice colleagues, and sufficient appreciation, this also means ensuring sufficient autonomy. Why autonomy is important is also easy to explain from the brain’s workings. The neurotransmitters have certain effects on people’s needs, like autonomy. Brain knowledge clarifies what a company must do to ensure sufficient autonomy.

It really works

Why retention works so well with the Brain&Mind approach is easy to explain. First of all, it’s science. If managers are going to work with it, they want to know if it works. Well, the Brain&Mind approach really works. There are several brain facts, and when one applies these facts, the logical result is a more satisfied staff who see no reason to leave.

Another important reason why it is such a powerful way for staff retention is that the application is not only reserved for managers but also for employees. After all, everyone has a brain, and everyone learns to feel more comfortable using this approach. Managers understand how important it is to manage in a certain way, and employees experience a large share in job satisfaction and safe working culture.

Knowledge of the brain provides insight into the other person in a safe way

There are hassles in many workplaces. One of the reasons for hassle is that people have different needs, and one cannot empathize sufficiently with the needs. Using the workings of the brain as a starting point, this empathy arises naturally. So you get control of hassles.


Staff retention is very crucial now. Provide an inspiring and safe work culture. With the use of knowledge of the brain, this is very achievable.

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