What matter is only your consciousness
What matter is only your consciousness

Greetings! I am Guido de Valk, MD, born in 1963 in the Netherlands, and I am pleased to welcome you to my page. Here, you can learn about my journey toward inspiration, my mission, and how I can assist you.

For the first thirty-five years of my life, I lived solely as a modified version of myself, conforming to societal expectations and obligations. This led me to become a general practitioner, not out of passion, but out of discipline.
In 1993, everything changed for me when I embarked on my first trip to Asia. Being in Asia felt like being at home, much more so than being in the Netherlands.


During this trip, I caught a glimpse of my true self, the passionate and authentic Guido that had been hidden away. From then on, I made a decision to uncover this side of me and let it have a greater impact on my life. For the past 25 years, I have been shedding the layers of the modified Guido and embracing my authentic self more and more.

This journey has also led me to discover my life’s mission.

The more authenticity I developed, the more I saw that very many people do not live from their authentic being.

I saw myself living more and more congruently, and I saw an opposite reality in many around me. Friends, family members, the community and, of course, clients were alienated from their true selves. The more I grew the more I saw this as well.

As a result, I lost the human connection with them. They were less interested in what moved me. The conversation topics were not so substantial. Often material things. I experienced little room for things that really mattered. This lack of human authenticity, I also saw in companies. There too, people were forgotten.

My mission became increasingly clear: to support people and companies in growing towards authentic humanity.



As I embarked on my journey of self-discovery, I found that it led me to explore different professional identities. I transitioned from being a general practitioner to a manager, trainer, writer, methods developer, and finally to a mission-driven entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, and leader.

These various roles have allowed me to shape my mission in exciting ways. Currently, I have three key roles:

I am a teacher of authenticity, I am a mission-driven entrepreneur, and I am a writer.

It is truly fulfilling to be able to pursue these passions and contribute to making a positive impact on the world.