Our Mission

The mission

new logo VLValk Leadership wants to ensure that the leadership landscape changes to people-oriented and authentic through training, coaching, and advice. We work based on neuroscientific and quantum knowledge. We have developed unique tools from this knowledge that ensure sustainable leadership development.
This leadership development concerns both personal leadership and leadership to others.
We are a values-driven company; this means that our vision is laced with these values, that we act according to these values, and that you see these values back in the results. These values are meaningfulness, excellence, people first, and continuous growth.
Valk Leadership is a franchise company.


Training programs and coaching at Valk Leadership

Everyone’s brain works according to the same mechanisms. If you use the knowledge about these mechanisms, you can motivate people, empower them, cooperate, and perform even better and more effectively. That is neuroleadership, so our training and coaching are based on neuroleadership. In neuroleadership, we use neuroscientific knowledge for personal and leadership development. Suppose you know and use how your brain and that of all other people work; you achieve much more with yourself and others. You achieve more because you put the person central.

Valk Leadership stands for intensive and powerful training and coaching by integrating knowledge of how the brain and mind work into leadership and personal development. The characteristic of our approach is that one learns to manage one’s brain. So the automatic reactions are no longer the basis, but you become the boss. Therefore, the brain & mind approach is very effective, especially in organizational changes where people become more central.


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