Brain & Mind approach

The Brain&Mind approach® is a NEW way to achieve profound development

You are much more than you are experiencing right now. You have a body; you have feelings; you experience love; you have thoughts; you have intuition. However, you do not realize this sufficiently now. These parts remain to a large extent, too unconscious. Some of these parts suppress you, inhibit you, and prevent you from really being yourself.
Instead of your authentic self, your acquired-self is in charge.
Through the Brain&Mind approach®, you will consciously experience much more of yourself, including your authentic self. To then use this experience for more realization and manifestation.

The Brain&Mind approach® is an approach based on neuroscience and quantum physics. That’s why it really works.

Where does the Brain&Mind approach® come from?

The Brain&Mind approach® originated from Guido, a medical doctor, due to his transpersonal journey. From an early age, he was attracted to the metaphysical. However, he always experienced an inner inhibition and disapproval to act and live from the metaphysical.

He realized that this inhibition and rejection gave him a message. Therefore, he went on a journey of discovery and discovered that several scientific insights and spiritual currents could support him in learning to trust and act from the metaphysical. These insights came from Dzogchen, neuroscience, and quantum physics.

He applied these insights and was amazed at the power of manifestation. As a result, he began to trust his spiritual side more and more. He then applied these insights to his work, leading to extraordinary results. From this journey, Guido has realized and manifested wonderful things, including the Brain&Mind approach® and Valk Leadership.

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The Brain&Mind approach is one that realizes

  • That you act in good harmony between reason and perception;
  • That you can easily change habits and behavior;
  • That you learn to trust your intuition;
  • That you grow in your consciousness;
  • That you manifest and realize;
  • That you bring others along with you;
  • That you act from your authentic self;
  • That you become a source of love.

Why is the Brain&Mind approach so effective?

The Brain&Mind approach is based on brain science and quantum physics. From this science, we know that the brain and consciousness work the same way in everyone. Similar to the heart: everyone’s heart works in the same way.

This knowledge is the basis of the Brain&Mind approach®.


  • The Brain&Mind approach ensures that one is at the wheel instead of being led by habits, emotions, or ratio/convictions;
  • Through the Brain&Mind approach, one gets more grip on behavior, actions, and behavioral development of yourself and others;
  • Through the Brain&Mind approach, one develops profoundly different behaviors;
  • Through the Brain&Mind approach, one lives more animatedly;
  • With this approach, one starts using human potential to its fullest potential. Whether it is productivity, management, team development, or communication, the Brain&Mind approach provides substantial transformation and is more achieved.

For whom?

The Brain&Mind approach® is for everyone who wants to realize and manifest a better world through personal development.

The approach creates a conscious human being that is able to improve continuously and is not led by everyday problems and challenges. A human being that knows how to deal with them.

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