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All people leave their potential more or less on the back burner. As a result, they function less than they would like, perform less, achieve less, and are less comfortable in their skin. There is a constant gnawing feeling. “How come I’m not able to earn as much as… or how come I…?”

There are two main reasons why people leave their potential on the back burner:

  1. Because they have internalized habits that are ineffective;
  2. Because they are (distracted) by limiting emotions, such as insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, frustration, anger.

The brain & mind coaching tackles these two reasons at the source; the brain. By applying knowledge of how the brain works, the source of all our behavior, limiting beliefs, ineffective habits have no grip on you. With the integration of the knowledge of the workings of the brain, you acquire more effective habits. Your limiting emotions are not your guides anymore. Everyone can learn to act with a powerful mindset and be less governed by ineffective habits and limiting emotions.


Programmatic approach

We coach using a programmatic approach. This approach means that we ensure step by step that you develop to your full potential. We start with an extensive intake to create a program that fits your needs. An online learning platform supports coaching. The theory of how the brain works is presented, practice is given, and you control your development.

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