Brain&Mind Programme People-centered Leadership

Staff retention through people-centered leadership

It cannot be emphasised enough: staff is the most important asset in your organisation. It is the people who ultimately make the difference. Staff is becoming increasingly scarce. The labour market is under strain. People-centered leadership is the only solution.


A people-centered culture in an organisation where people are central will retain more staff than companies that focus primarily on high turnover and efficient processes.

With the Brain&Mind programme People-Centered Leadership, you develop leaders who fit in with the times: leaders who put people first and still achieve high turnover and manage well-oiled processes.

Brain&Mind programme People-centered Leadership

People-centered leadership means putting people first in your leadership style. Putting people first includes safety at work, the ‘we’ feeling, a good balance between autonomy and control, welcoming pleasure and happiness at work, mentally vital employees and more. Through this program, you become a company where everyone would like to work. With the People-centered Leadership programme based on the Brain&Mind approach, you develop leaders who know how to put people first. Because of its scientific basis, the programme is not experienced as soft but as powerful, and it brings you in touch with your qualities that you also see in the great champions in business life.

Brain&Mind approach

The problems you experience in your life are caused by how the brain deals with them. You feel powerless or incompetent. This feeling hinders your ambitions and dreams. With the science-based Brain&Mind approach you deal with situations in a fundamentally different way, strengthening your focus on your goals and impact. This approach is developed by Guido de Valk, MD. If you want to read more about this approach, you can do so here.

Overall objective and effects Brain&Mind programme People-centered leadership

Through this programme, you develop the habits of the people-oriented leader, such as listening, inspiring, having good conversations, creating a safe environment and giving trust. As a result, your people enjoy going to work and love working for you!


This programme consists of nine sessions. In these sessions, you learn to apply the limiting and facilitating characteristics of the brain in managing others. You acquire skills and characteristics that suit you as a people-oriented leader.
A licensed trainer in the Brain&Mind approach gives the training. Participants use of the online learning environment. This Brain&Mind programme is based on learning by doing.


You can do this programme individually (online) or with a group (online or on site). We can also offer this programme as an in-company programme.

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