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Cooperation requires effective communication. Ineffective communication often causes hassle at work. It generates stress and is about winning or imposing your opinion.

Effective communication is about:

  • understanding yourself AND the other person prior to conveying important insights in a way that is understood.
  • listening without immediately wanting to react.
  • taking space to share your own needs comfortably and with respect, respect for the other person’s needs.
  • communicating with the bigger picture in mind.

With the Brain&Mind programme Effective Communication, participants become skilled in communicating well and safely by applying brain science.

effective communication

Brain&Mind programme Effective Communication

The Brain&Mind programme Effective Communication focuses on improving mutual daily communication. In this way, ‘hassle at work’ steadily makes way for communal connection. Thus work becomes a source of pleasure and a place where you can give your passion a place.
Effective communication based on the Brain&Mind Approach ensures that participants really understand the effects of their own communication from the basis: the brain. By communicating in this way you immediately gain a broader insight and understanding of the effects of one’s own communication on oneself and others.
Like our other programmes with the Brain&Mind approach, this training is very practical and accessible, with a keen focus on practice.

Brain&Mind Approach

The problems you experience in your life are caused by how the brain deals with them. You feel powerless or incompetent. This feeling hinders your ambitions and dreams. With the science-based Brain&Mind approach you deal with situations in a fundamentally different way, strengthening your focus on your goals and impact. This Brain&Mind approach is based on Neuroscience and developed by Guido de Valk, MD

Overall objective and effects

Through this Brain&Mind programme Effective Communication, you will acquire new and exciting habits in your communication with others. You communicate effectively and become comfortable in getting a message across. This without either you or the other experiencing stress or discomfort. The receiver is more open to receiving the message, so there is less noise. Noise often leads to misinterpretations. Your new way of communicating thus leads to sustainable connections and effective cooperation.

Some effects of this training:

– Active listening;
– Being critical whilst maintaining respect for the other;
– Taking up space with your own opinion, without being offensive;
– Deepen your pleasure in working together.


This programme consists of six sessions. In these sessions, you learn to apply the brain’s impeding factors and enhancing characteristics in your daily communication. You learn to recognise what is happening in your own brain and that of the other person and you develop powerful tools to act accordingly. This gives you clear communication.

Above all, it is a very practical programme in which you will practice a lot.
This programme is guided by a licensed trainer in the Brain&Mind approach. Participants make use of the online learning environment. The programme is based on learning by doing. This also means that you immediately put into practice what you have learned during the sessions.


We offer this programme for groups, preferably physically, and also as an in-company programme.

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