Brain&Mind Programme Mental Vitality

Stay mentally fit the whole (working) week

‘Staying mentally fit is not something you can take for granted. Through corona, through chronic stress, through continuous external pressure, through too many energy-consuming and too little energy-giving activities, your mental vitality can decrease enormously.’

mental vitality

Many people enter the weekend overtired. They work extremely hard, and use the weekend to refuel. They think that working a little harder during the week is a good way to deal with the large amounts of work.

However, the opposite is true. You are using your brain in a very inefficient way. If you act this way over a longer period of time, you will feel mentally tired, exhausted, have a lot of worries and often be moody.

It can be different! By investing in your mental vitality, you will be fit going into the weekend. And you will come out of it fit. And you will have done more work than before.

If you want your brain to perform as a top-athlete it needs to be well trained and nourished. And although we all know the importance of good physical fitness, we neglect the ‘fitness’ of our brain.

Brain&Mind programme Mental Vitality

fit brain

Mental exhaustion is an exhaustion of the brain. Through the Brain&Mind Mental Vitality programme, you are going to acquire habits that will make you mentally fit, by handling your brain well. A fit brain becomes your focus.
From neuroscience it is very clear what you have to do to stay mentally fit. You will apply this knowledge to make you or your team mentally fitter.
The unique Brain&Mind approach ensures a fast and sustainable change in your behaviour with mental vitality as a logical consequence.

The Brain&Mind approach

The problems you experience in your life are caused by how the brain deals with them. You feel powerless or incompetent. This feeling hinders your ambitions and dreams. With the science-based Brain&Mind approach you will deal with situations in a fundamentally different way, strengthening your focus on your goals and impact. Guido de Valk MD, developed the Brain&Mind approach. If you want to read more about the Brain&Mind approach, click here.

Overall objective and effects

This programme makes you mentally fit. You develop habits that ensure a fit brain. You worry less, you are more focused on what you want to achieve, you are less absent-minded and you can easily deal with external pressure and your personal expectations and ambitions.


This programme consists of six sessions. In these sessions, you learn to apply the limiting factors and promoting characteristics of the brain, and you learn to acquire specific habits aimed at mental vitality.
A programme is guided by a licensed trainer in the Brain&Mind approach. Participants will make use of the online learning environment. The Brain&Mind Mental Vitality programme is based on learning by doing.


You can do this programme individually (online) or with a group (online or on location). We can also offer this programme as an in-company programme.

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