Brain&Mind Programme Personal Effectiveness

From hastily reacting to current affairs to calmly managing personal response

When personal effectiveness is lacking, the result is that you are less effective than you would rather be.

‘Improve effectiveness of yourself? Or your team? Are you often led by issues popping up during the day? Do you often fail to achieve your goals? It is increasingly difficult to avoid getting caught up in the issues of the day, especially in this fast-paced world. As a result, you feel as if you are being lived, thereby feeling not effective enough! ’

Insufficient personal effectiveness becomes visible because you achieve less than you want. How to adequately deal with this?


Brain&Mind programme Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness means that you have an overview of all your tasks, carry them out effectively and efficiently, and are no longer led by the issues of the day. Developing sustainable new habits and behaviour that fit with personal effectiveness are central to this programme. These include: operating goal-oriented, setting priorities, focusing your attention, how to communicate effectively and time management.

The unique Brain&Mind approach ensures a fast and sustainable change in your behaviour so that personal effectiveness is a logical consequence.

About the Brain&Mind approach

The problems you experience in your life are caused by how the brain deals with these problems. You feel powerless or incompetent. This feeling hinders your ambitions and dreams. With the science-based Brain&Mind approach you deal with situations in a fundamentally different way, strengthening your focus on your goals and impact. This approach was developed by Guido de Valk MD. If you want to read more about the Brain&Mind approach, click here.

Global goals and effects of the programme Personal Effectiveness

Through this programme you will spend 25-50% more time on your important goals. You will notice that you are more goal-oriented, spend your time more efficiently and know how to set priorities. An important side-effect of the Brain&Mind programme Personal Effectiveness is that you have much more time to spend on other things.


This programme consists of seven sessions. In these sessions, you learn to apply the limiting factors and promoting characteristics of the brain.  You’ll learn to define specific habits that enhance your personal effectiveness.

A licensed trainer in the Brain&Mind approach will guide you in this journey. Participants make use of the online learning environment. The programme is based on learning by doing.


You can do this programme individually (online) or with a group (online or on location). We offer this programme as an in-company programme.

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