Confident With Own Potential

Tired of procrastination?

Nobody feels 100% sure all the time. Even the most confident people you know have experienced periods of uncertainty. This insecurity causes you to put things off. You procrastinate. As a result, you achieve far less than you could.

Situations can make you feel insecure, and you put off certain work. You prefer to avoid the uncomfortable feeling. But that is not necessary at all.

Examples of situations can be:

Power play          Modest          Sales meeting          Perfectionist          Avoiding risks          Procrastination


With the programme: ‘Confident with your own potential’ and the Brain&Mind approach, you stop postponing, you get to know your insecurity and you use your human potential better.

Description of the training

It is a science-based and practical 5-week program focused on transforming behavior in situations that make you insecure, and where you procrastinate into more effective habits.

What do you get:

  • Five online coaching sessions with a certified Brain&Mind trainer
  • Online learning platform
  • Your questions in between sessions are welcomed
  • Learn to apply the Brain&Mind approach
  • After five sessions there is a follow-up.


€1150 ex vat.

Features of this program

  • The scientific basis ensures that it really works.
  • Brings human potential to development
  • Stops procrastination
  • You don’t learn a cheap trick, that’s why this program gives you so many possibilities
  • This training that does not want to change you, but lets you ‘shine’ in your uniqueness
  • You focus on changing future behaviour. There is no digging in the past.
  • The development takes place from the start
  • It is an online training programme so you can plan it flexibly
  • The approach not only works for your current issues, but also for future issues
  • It does not put models at the center but people at the center.

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