Free Webinar How to retain your staff

Motivated staff. Happy and proud to be part of your organization. 

Personnel are becoming scarce. Staff can therefore easily find a job elsewhere. For organizations, it is important to ensure that personnel you have stay with you. The standard approach to keep them, such as a good salary, flexible working hours and training opportunities no longer work. Join this free webinar | How to retain staff.

how to retain staff

Invest in a safe and inspiring culture

A safe and inspiring culture is the essence of staff retention strategy.

Do you want to gain insight into how you can ensure that staff are less likely to leave? How can you effectively realize a safe and inspiring culture? Join the free webinar | Staff retention, how do you do that?

Free webinar | How to retain staff?

In this webinar you will get an answer to the question: how do you create a working atmosphere where employees like to stay? In this webinar, Guido de Valk will give you insights on how to use the Brain&Mind mind approach to ensure that staff do not leave; that staff turnover in your company is reduced. Guido explains why the science-based Brain&Mind approach is so effective in retaining staff.


Thursday 2nd of June 2022 from 16:00 tot 16:45 CET

Suitable for you?

For any company struggling to retain staff. Therefore especially suitable for (HR-) directors and HR business partners.

Presented by Guido de Valk

As a medical doctor, Guido became fascinated by the influence of behaviour on our well-being and effectiveness. With twenty years of experience, he is the expert in applying brain knowledge for behavioural change. He is the developer of the Brain&Mind approach. He has written several books on the subject and is the founder of Valk Leadership.

His motto: ‘Be aware which behaviour you give attention to, because behaviour that you give attention to, grows’.

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