Free Webinar | Speak with confidence from your authenticity

Speak with confidence from your authentic-self

Do you sometimes feel a lack of confidence when you are speaking in front of other people? A lot of people do not feel confident enough to speak in public at all. In fact, public speaking is one of the most common fears people have. It is very common, and it is also unnecessary. And yes! You can learn to speak with confidence quite easily and quickly.

What is it you are afraid of? Let’s say for example, you are afraid that you don’t know what to say. Or that what you say is going to be criticised. All those things could happen, or they could not happen. You don’t know and that doesn’t matter either.

Brain takes control

What is happening is that your brain is taking control. It is telling you stories about how tricky it is to go out there and say what you have to say. These stories can be very convincing, and you might be used to listening to them for a long time and following the advice of your brain.

You are unique

You are a unique human being, and every human being has a unique perspective to offer. We all miss out if you stay silent. Your brain has probably started already to contradict what I am saying right now.

Discover your unique voice

You can discover your uniqueness and your unique voice. You like everyone else have acquired lots of beliefs about who you have to be. This is your acquired self. It is like a mask that you are wearing. Speak from your authentic self then people will see you and listen to your message.

Free webinar Speak with confidence from your authenticity

Do you feel ready to speak with confidence, or would you like to explore a bit more about how this works for you? You are warmly invited to join us in my webinar | Speak with confidence from your authenticity.


Thursday 3rd of August 2023 at 1pm IST. Dublin time.

We are recording the webinar

We are recording the webinar. If you register, you will receive a recording of this webinar a few days after it takes place.

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Klaas Jan de Vries

The very experienced trainer and coach Klaas Jan de Vries knows like no other that knowledge of the brain can accelerate your development even further. He helps leaders and professionals daily in their transformation to more self-leadership.
His motto is: hold fast what is good.

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