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I welcome you to my page. My name is Guido de Valk, a medical doctor born in 1963. On this page, you can read about my journey to wholeness, my mission, and what I can do for you.


Until the age of thirty-five, I was 100% being lived by ‘adapted’ Guido. I conformed neatly to what was imposed and expected of me. That is why I became a general practitioner. This was not due to passion but to discipline.

This changed in 1993 when I made my first trip to Asia. In Asia, I felt at home. More at home than in the Netherlands. I saw a first glimpse of the authentic Guido. I saw a passionate person.

After that first trip, I decided that I was going to discover the authentic Guido. This authentic Guido was hidden and had too little influence on my life. The ‘adapted’ Guido mostly guided me. That didn’t feel right.

It literally turned out to be uncovering: covering less. Over the past 25 years, the authentic Guido has become more and more prominent, and I live largely in conformity.

The more authenticity I developed, the more I saw that many people were not living from their authentic selves.

I saw myself living more and more congruently, and I saw an opposite reality in many around me. Friends, family members, the community, and clients were alienated from their true selves. The more I grew, the more I saw this too.

As a result, I was losing the human connection with them. They had less interest in what moved me. The topics of conversation were not as substantial. Often material things. I experienced little room for things that mattered.

This lack of human authenticity, I also saw in companies. There, too, people were forgotten.

My mission became increasingly clear: to support people and companies in growing toward authentic humanity.


An interesting aspect of my journey was that discovering parts of my authentic self was accompanied by changes in my professional identity. For example, I have gone from a general practitioner, manager, trainer, writer, channeler to a mission-driven entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, and leader.

Many of these identities now allow me to shape my mission. Isn’t that fantastic?

That’s why I now have four roles.

“I am convinced that more humanity is needed at work and in society. Leaders and managers have a big role in making more humanity a reality.”

1. Teacher authenticity

As you have been able to read, my exploration of the authentic and spirited Guido has given me much. Among other things, I have discovered my teacher hood. I am a teacher for anyone who wants to make this journey to their authenticity.

Transpersonal means you develop outside the boundaries of your current identity and reality, conscious or unconscious. As an expert by experience, I can tell you better than anyone what steps you can take in your (trans)personal development to live an authentic life. In a sense, I am engaged in the growth of your spirituality. In other words, I coach you in transpersonal development toward your authentic self.

In addition to individual counseling, I also give lectures more like teaching.


The teachings can be about all aspects of personal development toward authenticity. You can think of mental vitality, values-driven living, promoting your humanity, peeling off old patterns, dealing with your fear, or recognizing your passion.

Every week on Monday at 9:30 am Dutch time, I give an online teaching with the aim that the participant starts her week inspiring. A special opportunity is for you to join a teaching I give weekly to my team and recently to externals. Send us an email saying you would like to participate, and you will receive more information.

I also give regular webinars where I share my insights on growing in authenticity. On our site, you can read more about it. And of course, I am happy to come and teach on the invitation.

2. Introduction Brain&Mind approach®

In exploring my inspiration, I have searched for workable forms that reveal an authentic identity. In my experience, man is a holistic being, and I am a scientist.
My holistic view of man caused me to look for it on different levels. Think body, emotional, mental, consciousness, and spiritual.

In addition, my scientific disposition commanded me to make the methodology I use sound, effective and responsible. Holism and science have resulted in the Brain&Mind approach®.
This approach has sources from neuroscience, quantum physics, Eastern philosophy (especially Dzogchen), my own experiences, and the experience of extensive application of teams and individuals over the many years that my team and I now coach and train.
It is a practical approach that you can easily make your own.
You can read more about this approach here.

3. Mission driven entrepeneur

Founder and chief educator Valk Leadership (franchise organization)

I have never felt the need to work alone. Together we are stronger. That’s what I believe in.

I started the franchise organization “Valk Leadership” in 2020. This step quickly brought me into contact with others who want to realize the change into more humanity in a values-driven way. Often they are well-trained professionals who can no longer realize their mission within the company where they work and no longer feel at home. They choose to start for themselves as freelancers, consultants, coaches, or trainers.
The franchise organization consists of these independent value-driven trainers and coaches who train organizations and individuals with the Brain&Mind approach®.

Do you want to become a partner and make the world more beautiful together? Then sign up for an introductory meeting.

On this page, you can also read more about the partnership.

4. Author

I am the author of about four leadership and/or personal development books. My last three books deal with personal development through the application of neuroscientific and Eastern spiritual insights. One of my books is in English. The others are in Dutch.

Through this link you can go to the books page.

In addition to my books, I regularly write blog articles. I write articles to inspire people to take action to develop themselves to be more human. The articles also provide immediate practical tools so you can do something about yourself today. All to further my dream of making the world a little more beautiful by promoting humanity.
Click here if you want to read my blog

Contact me

You can call or whatsapp me on number: +31628566064

If you want to grow in your authenticity or want to meet with Guido de Valk, feel free to make an online appointment.

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