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Are you value-driven and want to provide coaching or leadership training that has a lasting effect? Programs that contribute to getting the best out of people? Programs that put people back at the center of their lives? Do you no longer want to work alone but in a group of international partners who together will make the world a little more beautiful while maintaining your autonomy?

Then sign up for an introductory meeting.

Valk Leadership is looking for franchise partners. Valk Leadership truly believes that leadership can be more people-oriented and still be very powerful and become even more powerful. And you can contribute to this mission!

What do you need to become a partner?

A partner at Valk Leadership is a value-driven trainer or coach with a high level of people-awareness.
For you, being meaningful is an important part of your work, and you go for the highest quality. You are a real ‘people person’. You enjoy working with people and especially supporting them to perform better. Finally, you are someone who always sees that things can improve. This attitude applies to your work, but of course, to Valk Leadership as a shared company and your own company.

We are looking for trainers and coaches who

  • Have professional or intellectual capacities at academic or higher vocational level
  • Want to do business in a value-driven way
  • Have an entrepreneurial attitude
  • Have a spiritual view of life and find higher meaning of life and work very important
  • Preferably have experience as a trainer and/or coach.

We offer you

  • independent entrepreneurship
  • value-driven entrepreneurship
  • a thorough training program
  • you can quickly start giving training or coaching
  • a very powerful science based training method
  • a lot of freedom
  • working with a group of like-minded partners
  • a value-driven way of working (together)
  • extensive training programs
  • proven approach
  • much space to come up with your initiatives.

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