The team - Klaas Jan de Vries

Klaas Jan de Vries

Brain & Mind trainer/coach

Would you like to experience more freedom to do the things that really matter to you? Could you use some help getting out of your comfort zone into action? Someone who is able to completely tune in to your needs? Who takes time out to listen? I can help to free you from your monkey mind and find that first important step to get you going. You will discover more quickly what you need to do to change the situation.

Klaas Jan de Vries is a vibrant trainer and coach. His focus is on the action, looking to find ways to create movement. This movement can be physical as in moving our bodies, mental/spiritual as in becoming more imaginative and visionary, and also in the sense of moving people and things forward.
Klaas Jan has vast experience from his leadership in music, sport, and building community. He brings an open atmosphere that empowers people to be their best. His expertise is in encouraging people to engage with who they are fully.
Klaas Jan values the development of the person who leads, that is his top priority. A leader who is focused on developing herself and others will shine and set an inspiring example, easy to follow by others. In promoting the connection between brain, mind and body the ‘doing’ flows more freely. Leaders feel empowered to follow their own course without distraction of power struggles.
Central to Klaas Jan’s approach is how people learn. Development is ongoing and never stops. He persistently finds ways to guide leaders in using their imagination to grow or to master challenges. Old habits die and new patterns becomes the norm. Klaas Jan guides leaders to develop their practice to new levels. His motto is: hold fast what is good.