Program Prevent Burnout

Prevent Burn-Out!

Several studies show that one in five driven employees is at risk of burnout. Reason enough to pay attention to prevent burnout.

The program | prevent burnout | focuses on acquiring habits that cause the participant to develop mental muscles. These mental muscles provide mental resilience so that the participant who encounters difficult circumstances can deal with them effectively and humanely.

In a nutshell, burnout is a burned-out brain. The brain is burned out because too long, too much has been asked of the brain. This comes from needing to take better care of the brain. In addition, it is because the brain has yet to be trained to deal with tough conditions.

Therefore, it is very effective to prevent burnout by adopting habits that ensure mental resilience.

The objective of the program

It’s a scientifically practical three-month program where your brain trains so that you learn habits that greatly enhance your mental resilience. These new habits ensure that you learn to deal adequately with tough circumstances.

Sub-goals of the program

You train your brain so that:

  1. Self-care and personal needs become priority No. 1;
  2. You have a fit brain
  3. You have a grip on your emotions and ineffective habits (which deplete the brain)
  4. You master habits that promote your mental strength and give you a mindset full of mental resilience;
  5. You develop confidence in dealing with difficult circumstances. This refers to your belief in your ability to be effective and competent; it is your self-confidence and belief that you influence a situation.


  • Unique Blended learning based on the brain&mind approach
    • Seven online coaching sessions with a certified Brain&Mind trainer;
    • E-learning;
    • Daily exercises to keep your brain fit.
  • Available in between for your questions


€1666 ex vat

Features of this program

  • Scientific basis guarantees that it works;
  • Develops mental resilience;
  • Stops ineffective habits;
  • You don’t learn a trick, but change is sustainable;
  • A training that doesn’t want to change you but lets you develop your mental strength;
  • You focus on behavior change. There is no digging;
  • Development takes place from the start;
  • It is an online individual training program, so flexible to schedule;
  • The program does not put models but you as a person at the center.

NB this program is also available as an in-company program.

Program Prevent Burnout

Develop mental resilience

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