Brain&Mind Retreat “Space Above all”


You have a busy life.

You don’t give yourself much time.

You have a full agenda with little room for other things…..

You feel good, you perform excellently. And yet you are missing something.


It’s like knowing there’s more than you’re experiencing right now.


You want to grab it and then it disappears from your sight.


You need time to reflect on what you are experiencing.


You live at a fast pace and you wonder how much longer you can keep this up.


Brain&Mind retreat “Space Above all”


The Brain&Mind retreat “Space Above all” in the mountains of the Belgian Ardennes is a wooded area that lends itself well to a Valk Leadership retreat. The Brain&Mind retreat “Space Above all” offers you space above all to discover:


Who you really are. What makes you happy. Where you feel in your power. Where you want to go…..


You learn to recognize and let go of your existing behavioral and thinking patterns. You become more aware of your connection with your environment. You experience more peace and a relaxed focus. You experience how easy it is and how difficult you make it.



What is the Brain&Mind Approach®


Valk Leadership, together with its partners, trains people with the Brain&Mind Approach® to reveal their authentic selves in order to experience a purposeful life and act with confidence towards their highest joy. Especially people who know the limits of rational thinking and are enthusiastic about further exploring the higher consciousness make a match with Valk Leadership.


The Brain&Mind approach® is an approach based on neuroscience and quantum physics. It really works because you are much more than your thinking. In addition to thinking, there is also an experience.


You can experience that you have a body, that you have feelings, that you have love, that you have thoughts and also that you have intuition.

However, this experience is often insufficiently understood. These parts remain largely too unconscious. As a result, the acquired self remains in control, instead of your authentic self. The acquired-self is the person you think you should be.

Through the Brain&Mind approach® you will experience much more of yourself, including who you actually are; your authentic self. To then use this experience for greater realization and manifestation.


What does the retreat entail?


What you can expect in the Brain&Mind retreat:


Connect consciously


Movement & spatiality

Transpersonal development

Internal leader

Time for silence


Guido de Valk, physician and developer of the Brain&Mind approach®, takes you along in your transpersonal development. Klaas Jan de Vries, Brain&Mind coach, leads the retreat “Space Above all” and lets you experience peace and space.




Is it time for more space for yourself?

Yes I would like to go!

There are a maximum of 8 places available for the Brain&Mind retreat “Space Above all”. You can reserve your place using the form on this page. You invest 999 euros excluding VAT, including overnight stays and meals. The program offers space above all for discovery.




Tuesday May 16 – Wednesday May 17 – Thursday May 18, 2023




Château de Petite Somme, Durbuy – Belgium



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