SPEAKING TOPIC: Improving personal leadership with knowledge of the brain

Personal leadership is about getting a grip on your reactions and demonstrating appropriate behavior and habits. Behavior and habits have a great influence on the result, and different behavior causes different results. By applying knowledge of how the brain works, personal leadership becomes very practical and easy to develop.

Guido de Valk provides through his talks on how to apply knowledge of how the brain works, how to get a grip on yourself, your reactions, your behavior or choices, how to make personal leadership very practical!

And who would not want to get a grip on behavior and thus on your results by becoming good at personal leadership? Guido gives you practical – and science-based – advice on how not to be at the mercy of your whims, your habits, your emotions, or your autopilot.

About Guido de Valk

As a physician, Guido became captivated by the connection between how our brains work and behavior. With twenty years of experience, he is the expert in applying brain knowledge to get a grip on yourself and your reactions: neuroleadership. He has written four books on the subject and is the founder of De Valk Leadership Company.
His credo: “Be aware of what you give attention to, because what you give attention to grows.


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