Free Live Webinar | How To Discover Your Authentic Self

It’s great to see that authenticity is becoming more valued. This is a positive shift because we often lack genuine leaders, workers, politicians, professionals, and celebrities. Thankfully, people are starting to recognize the importance of being authentic.

What is the benefit of being authentic?

Authentic people flourish in all areas that are important to them. They thrive in all circumstances. When individuals lose sight of their authentic selves, it can lead to numerous issues, including burnout, lack of focus, ego-driven leadership, and frequent absenteeism. This often happens when people are unsure of how to behave genuinely and end up altering their behavior to fit into an ill-fitting persona. The good news is that there’s a solution available to help you discover your true self: the Brain&Mind aanpak®Mind approach®.

What is the brain&mind approach?

The Brain&Mind aanpak®Mind Approach® is a science-based method that empowers your authentic self. When your life feels inauthentic, it’s because your acquired self has taken over. This happens when the unconscious and rational (left) brain is in control. But with the Brain&Mind Approach®, you can regain authority over your life and ensure that your authentic self is the one in charge.

Join us for a free webinar on discover your authentic self!

Join Guido, the teacher of authenticity, in his free webinar on discover authenticity. Discover why improper use of the brain leads to reduced authenticity and learn how to use both your left and right brains to act authentically. Gain valuable insights and take steps towards living and working authentically with Guido’s guidance. Sign up now.


Tuesday 23rd of May from 21:00 till 22:00 CET

Presented by Guido de Valk

Guido de Valk has had a strong interest in personal development since a young age. He seeks answers that truly make an impact. As an MD, he delved into the fields of (neuro)science, quantum physics, and Eastern spirituality to create the Brain&Mind aanpak®. This approach aims to restore our mindset to a more authentic and human state. Guido is also a published author and the founder of Valk Leadership.

His credo: “What matters is only your consciousness”.