What to do when you find it too stressful to follow the path of your authentic-self

When you are on the path of your authentic-self, it is not always easy to decide to follow your authentic-self. The outcome of the path of the acquired-self is known, and the outcome of the path of the authentic-self is still unknown. Therefore, many people choose to continue to follow the acquired-self even if the outcome of the path of the acquired-self is not their preference.


The following example illustrates this phenomenon well. I was talking to someone who might want to go into business for himself. But is not doing it right now. This person has children and a mortgage. A steady job now offers security. The acquired-self holds him/her down. Implicitly, this person indicates that he/she has little faith in the authentic-self. So this authentic-self will not be able to make money? There is no evidence for that. In fact, it is more logical to think that if starting for yourself suits your authentic-self, you can generate just enough income. Your authentic-self has your best interests at heart.

This tension can easily hold you in the acquiered-self.

How can you deal with this tension?

You create your reality in both the path of your acquired-self and your authentic-self. You create your reality and your life and are therefore an owner of your life and reality. The sooner you get a grip on this and act as an owner, the sooner you will get the results you say you want.

So it's about taking ownership of your own reality. In the example, that person did not own the reality. Reality owned that person. It is wise to trust your authentic-self because the authentic self has your best interests at heart.

Making the switch to ownership

By using the Brain&Mind Approach® you can easily switch; from following your acquired-self to your authentic self. In other words, take ownership of your own reality. The brain has two mindsets. The mindset of the follower and the mindset of the internal leader. The mindset of the follower follows your old beliefs. And the mindset of the internal leader follows your beliefs that fit your authentic self. By turning on your mindset of the internal leader, you can deal well with the stress of the unknown future. This switch is easy to learn.

Conscious actions

Many of your actions are unconscious. They follow old beliefs. The switch to the internal leader means you act consciously! You act consciously! Never reactively. Acting consciously is the input of the internal leader. By choosing conscious actions every moment, actions that fit your beliefs of your authentic-self, you decide to follow your authentic self time and time again.

In conclusion

In fact, it is about the switch from following your reality to creating your own reality. If you follow your reality, you actually stay in the same vicious circle all the time. If you dare to trust in your authentic-self, and do actions that suit the internal leader, you will see your life unfold in accordance with your authentic-self.

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